**Jim Dalton Fall Webinar Series**

Join us over the next six weeks as Jim Dalton uses current markets to narrate, analyze, and describe how he uses the Market Profile to read and interpret the markets and understand the behavior of other traders that he is competing against.

  • These six webinars will be recorded and available for a limited time.
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2. How to Prepare for the Open and the First Hour of Trade

Wednesday, September 3 | 9:15 am – 10:30 pm ET

To accommodate overseas traders, we will conduct an intraday session after the European markets close. We will initially review the S&Ps and discuss potential opportunities for the remainder of the session. Additionally, Jim will review Crude Oil and Gold to further illustrate his day and short-term trading process. Requests for other markets will be accepted.


3. Intraday Session—Immediately Following the European Close

Thursday, September 11 |11:30 am – 12:30 pm ET

We will quickly review the previous pit session, overnight trade, and three potential scenarios for the opening. Like the game of Blackjack, what has happened before influences the odds of what occurs moving forward.

Employing the Market Profile to interpret and analyze the market, Jim Dalton will describe the development of his trading plan and narrate the first hour of trade. Various observations will be identified to provide direction for trade decision-making.


4. Gaining an Edge — Recognizing and Leveraging Nuances

Tuesday, September 16 | 4:30 – 5:30 pm EST

The Market Profile is a unique charting tool that releases information that is not readily seen in conventional charting. Join Jim Dalton as he shares over 25 years experience trading with the Market Profile and how you can begin to immediately use the less obvious information it uncovers to gain an edge.


5. The Mindset of a Professional Trader

Tuesday, September 23 | 4:30 – 5:30 pm ET

How many trades do you place a day? Are you profitable? Are you consistently profitable? What are your criteria for placing a trade? Jim will share over 40 years of trading experience and discuss his methodology, both in terms of analysis and execution, upon which a trading career is built.

There is one consistent theme we hear over and over again: “Jim has taught me that less trading is more productive.” This will be discussed in detail. Coming into this session you should have reviewed your recent trading history.


6. Fall Intensive Preparation Webinar

Wednesday, September 24 | 4:30 – 6:30 pm ET

Our 30-Day Fall Intensive begins Monday, September 29. Jim will describe the objectives of the course and the observations you need to be attuned to for maximum immersion and benefit over the five week period.