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This post has been created to help traders set up Think or Swim Monkey Bars to be similar to Jim Dalton’s Market Profiles. A JD member furnished these instructions for fellow members at J Dalton Trading. Studies you can add: #Calculates half back in multiple available aggregation periods. input aggregationPeriod = AggregationPeriod.DAY; plot HB = […]

S&P Morning Report 9-3-2014

9-3 Morning Report Profiles

Overnight inventory is 100% long with another new high established in the overnight market. Counter auctions relative to overnight inventory continue to run in the 65% range. The two early references are the overnight high at 2011.00 and the 2-day high at 2004.75. Any meaningful correction would start with rejection above the 2-day high. Gap […]

S&P Recap and Preparation Report for 9-3-2014

9-3 porifles

The all-time high for all bar charts was made Monday evening during the electronic session. As we have written so often, without being wrong for any extended period, it is rare when a lasting all-time high or low occurs during the electronic session. Last year’s high was established in the electronic market on December 31st […]

Jim Dalton Summer 2014 Webinar Series

Have you been trading for a considerable time and still struggling to be consistent? Are you new to trading and looking for a solid trading approach that you can build your career on? Are you trading well but want a tune up and some new ideas? These free presentations from veteran trader Jim Dalton may […]


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