I have studied Market Profile from a few sources but I have only a cursory understanding of Jim Dalton's work.

Jim Dalton’s application of the Market Profile is much different than others who use it. The Market Profile is an integral part of Jim’s methodology; however, it is only a portion of it. For traders who are new to Jim Dalton, and for those with a casual understanding of Jim’s work, the curriculum is simple: start with the download of the Field of Vision Program.


What specifically is the Field of Vision program?

This video lays out Jim’s most recent work that incorporates both of his books, Mind over Markets Updated Edition (2013) and Markets in Profile (2007), and goes deeper into Jim Dalton's most current approach today. Jim lays out his process and his application of the Market Profile from A to Z. Also, and no small resource, as a purchaser you will gain unlimited access to J Dalton Trading’s Trader Archive. Here you will increase your understanding of the Field of Vision program with over 100 trading articles, over 75 webinars and other helpful market information.

With all this content at your fingertips, your understanding of Jim’s trading process is limited only by your passion to learn. We give you an avalanche of information to leverage key market observations to make better trade decisions while viewing the market from a completely different perspective. The solid foundation established in the Field of Vision, along with our Trader Archive takes you deeper into the concepts to help catapult your understanding of the Market Profile and Jim’s trading approach.

What is the Live Markets Seminar Program?

This is the perfect trading resource for people who are familiar with Jim Dalton’s approach and want a more comprehensive view of his trading process, mindset, and employment of the Market Profile. This 18 hour training program offers a complete recording of Jim Dalton’s sold-out Chicago seminar. Join Jim as he walks traders through his market analysis and preparation on Day One, followed by narration and trading of live markets on Day Two and Day Three.

After instruction on the first day, day two and day three record Jim's illustration of his methodology in real-time markets that includes reading Market Profile structure and narrating the developing auction for a seminar stock market ending you won't forget!

What is the Trading Like You’ve Never Heard Before program?

This five-hour program furnishes an overview of Jim’s trading process with a twist. Jim describes his analysis from the perspective of the book, Moneyball, written by Michael Lewis. Jim draws the analogy of using the Market Profile and the auction process versus conventional technical methods to the Oakland Athletics baseball team under general manager Billy Beane. The Oakland A’s assembled a World Series team using very nontraditional methods as compared with the established norms in the league.

What is the difference between the Field of Vision and the Live Markets Seminar programs?

The Field of Vision program lays out the theory, the nuts and bolts that comprise Jim’s trading approach. You will learn how to harness the power of the Market Profile along with Jim’s ‘top-down, bottom-up’ analysis that Jim has honed over his 35 years of market participation.

The Live Markets Seminar program is the application of what you learn in the Field of Vision. This 16+ hour recording of our Chicago seminar captures the essence of Jim’s unique view of the auction process. Jim’s market analysis culminates at the end of this program with a momentous stock market close—presciently called by Jim. And no, we didn’t know how the market was going to close! This video was recorded in real-time. An excellent example of how Jim apply his methods as he observes the markets.

What do I receive with purchase?

When you purchase the Field of Vision program or the Live Markets Seminar program you automatically become a J Dalton Trading member and gain access to our members-only, Premium Content with over 100 articles and previously recorded webinars to help advance your learning. JD members also receive special pricing discounts.


How should I combine the Courses and Programs for the best results?

Can I enroll in a Profile Mastery Course without purchasing the Field of Vision program?

All traders are welcome in the Market Profile Mastery Course without any additional programs. You will have access to our Trader Archive to learn Jim’s approach ‘on the fly’ as you go through the 5-week
Profile Mastery Course. We caution, however, that the Profile Mastery Course are an advanced course.

Although we diligently work with traders to bring them along on a fast track, you will get more out of the Profile Mastery Course and be able to absorb much more of Jim’s mentoring having the Field of Vision program under your belt. Think of taking Trading 701 without having the prerequisite courses to excel. We offer package discounts for all of our programs.

I'm eager to learn and incorporate the Market Profile into my trading in a relatively short amount of time. What are my options?

You can combine either the Field of Vision or the Live Markets Seminar download programs with the Mastery Series. For those traders who want to dive in we have the Fast Track Pack - a suite of all of our offerings that will compliment your trading library for years to come.


What do I receive when I enroll in the Market Profile Mastery Series?

Upon enrollment:

  • Access to the Profile Mastery Course Training site: Enjoy the archives of the last five Profile Mastery Course with two daily reports, virtual daily webinars, and daily time-stamped chat logs. Also download Special Commentaries and in depth articles that exist only on the Profile Mastery Course site.
  • Daily mentoring from Jim Dalton through multiple mediums – You will be mentored by Jim using the following tools:
  • Daily Morning Report – 1 to 3 trade scenarios that are followed up in the morning webinar and also on the real-time ‘chat’ as the sessions develops.
  • Learn in a real-time classroom setting - Morning webinar9:00 – 10:30 – Look over Jim’s shoulder as he points out opportunities and invaluable observations to hone your trading perspective. This is also an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Daily time-stamped ‘chat’ commentary – Have support fromJim as he tracks the auction process, parses through relevant information, turns your attention to key insights throughout the day.
  • Recap and Preparation Report – Nightly you’ll receive a second report to recap the day and also prepare you for the next session. Ultimately the Profile Mastery Course is working toward helping you write your own scenarios, price levels and Market Profile observations as you internalize and make Jim’s approach your own. These reports are instrumental in getting you there.
  • Q&A Sessions – participate in dedicated sessions and ask questions and hear answers to fellow traders’ questions.
  • Options Methodology– Jim’s options trading is unique. This program will include an options segment for those interested to learn Jim’s approach and how he develops and executes his trading plan.
  • New! Peter Reznicek will be on weekly –Join Jim and Peter as they discuss the Market Profile and share their own unique observations. Jim and Peter will leave time for questions and comments to give Profile Mastery Course traders the opportunity to share their observations.

I live overseas. Can I participate in the Market Profile Mastery Series or is the course primarily for real-time participation?

About 23% of our clients are overseas. This course is designed to be utilized in review mode as well as real-time. All webinars are recorded, reports are posted at the training site as well as emailed to your inbox, and the time-stamped chat can be read at the end of the day to compare with your analysis or as part of your review of the day's session. All content is downloadable to your computer as a trading resource for study now and years to come.

What markets does the Market Profile Mastery Series cover?

We will primarily cover the E-Mini S&Ps however crude oil, T-bonds and other markets that are influencing the stock market will be analyzed as well. Jim uses the E-Mini S&P over the two 5-week Profile Mastery Course periods to bring continuity and focus to one market. The importance of nuances is highlighted and the process of analyzing markets over time is illuminated in full detail.

It is not necessary to be an S&P trader to apply Jim’s trading approach. His analysis is equally relevant in any market financial in nature with ample liquidity. We have currency, energy, grain, exotics, stock and ETF traders participate and apply Jim’s approach in the markets they trade.

If the Market Profile Mastery Courses are similar format, why do so many traders enroll in both?

Economical daily mentoring – Many traders inquire about being mentored by Jim. One-on-one mentoring is cost-prohibitive for most.Think of it as individualized practice to becoming Expert. Things seldom go the way we think they will. There are always unexpected developments and unexpected consequences. Traders have to learn to make constant adjustments. Jim’s daily mentoring enables you to learn to make adjustments; sometimes you have to completely redirect your attention to be successful.

They keep getting better! We always reflect upon the previous Profile Mastery Course and client response. The following program improves as we react to traders’ comments.

No two market environments are the same. Trading experience is gained as a result of continually being mentored over many different market environments. Focused attention directed at key observations from Jim add quality experience and increases your trading logic. A Market Profile Mastery Course in 2017 will be a far cry from Profile Mastery Course in 2016 and earlier.

Momentum trading: In our evolution as traders, some adjustments are small while others are more monumental. In the coming series, Jim will greatly expand upon the relationship between the Market Profile and momentum trading.

Is this a trade room? Does Jim call trades?

It is an immersion model program conducted in real-time. Think of it like looking over Jim's shoulder as he observes, analyzes and executes trades. The primary objective is to accelerate the learning curve as the trader observes many market situations with mentoring and support from Jim Dalton.

You will receive a nightly report which recaps the session and provides 1 - 3 scenarios for the next session. The following morning you'll receive the Morning Report which tightens up the trading plan considering overnight activity, directional movement and other observations. This Morning Report is immediately followed by a webinar, Pre-opening Comments and First Hour of Trade, where Jim narrates the developing auction and tracks his scenarios. We have webinars during major reports as well. When Jim is not on a webinar he is making time-stamped chat comments on a dedicated Chat page at the Mastery training site.


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