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Your new trading journey to lasting success starts here with our signature course, The Market Profile Mastery Series.

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The Market Profile Mastery Series is about discovery, both of yourself and of the market. If you’ve traded for any length of time, you know that trading demands skill on many levels. Most breakthroughs come from deliberate practice over time. Think of us as your personal trading coach. We give you the arena. You bring your A-game. And together, we will elevate your practice so that you develop a winning mindset geared for success!!

This innovative Mastery Series is the most comprehensive program we have ever offered and is designed for people who want to make the most progress in the shortest amount of time. It is an economical, hands-on, virtual learning course with daily mentoring by market expert Jim Dalton. Our traders also receive hands-on support from J Dalton Trading co-founder and trading partner, Julia Stuart, who was once a student of Jim’s teaching herself.

Our traders, who have taken the course and transformed their trading, often tell us that it’s like having Jim sitting on their shoulder and guiding them. (And, trust us, this is far better because it could get a bit challenging to have the real Jim perched on your shoulder!) Not to mention that hiring the in-person Jim to consult is cost prohibitive for most individual traders. Instead, our Market Profile Mastery Series offers a virtual setting with real-time access to Jim and Julia and detailed daily sessions that are as valuable and nuanced as a one-on-one mentoring session!

REAL TIME ON YOUR TIMEjim-at-screens

This valuable, virtual, intensive setting with daily, real-time instruction allows you to learn the skills to become a trading master from the comfort of your own chosen setting, anywhere you are in the world — from Duluth to Dubai. And the best part is that we’ll never know if you’ve shown up to class in your robe, a suit or evening gown!

All of our live webinars are also recorded for you to return to and study at any time. Not only does this accommodate traders in different time zones, but it allows our students to pause the recording, and reflect on the information covered. We know it’s a lot to take in and having this capability helps to prevent information overload.


Our traders have shared that the better prepared they have been, the more they have gotten out of the 5-week program. Enroll today and be part of our Course 2 preparation session that started June 7 and will continue until Course 2 starts on July 10.

To be a consistently profitable trader, to continue to learn and grow is a substantial goal — and completely doable! It requires looking at the right things, gaining experience using the right methods, and choosing trades and risk/reward based on the right parameters.


Harness New Trading Habits for Lasting Success. Habits impact P&L as well as all-important trader confidence. We’ll guide you and introduce you with a new perspective on how to…

  • Overcome emotional trading that holds you back.
  • Overlay new habits that propel you forward.
  • Immerse yourself in a regimen designed to expand and strengthen good trading habits as well as recognize and jettison bad ones.


  • Real-time sessions.Each day, Jim will lay out one to three scenarios and specifically identify them in real-time as the session develops.
  • Daily recap guidance. Jim will also provide alternate scenarios to guide traders in their market logic and trade identification. Our end-of day recap will prepare you for the next session. We will lay out three potential scenarios for that next session.
  • Morning update: In the morning, we will review overnight trade and update the potential scenarios.
  • Webinars: Jim will offer two daily webinars. Each morning will begin with a webinar commencing a half hour prior to opening and carrying through first 30-60 minutes of trading day.
  • 'Chat' Commentary: Once the morning webinar has ended, Jim will go to the chat and continue to share his analysis of the developing auction. Pertinent chat comments will be ongoing throughout the session. We stay as connected as possible with you to mirror back Jim's comments and help you advance your market logic.
  • Q & A sessions:  Questions are addressed via email or telephoned to J Dalton Trading co-founder and trading partner Julia Stuart. Questions that are relevant to the broader audience will be answered over the chat. Other questions will be sent to you via email. We do our best, however, at times there will be delays due to heavy traffic or busy markets. Markets come first.


We know that many of our traders use market indicators, other than the Market Profile, in their trading. And we can help make those approaches you use even more effective. Jim Dalton’s application of the Market Profile, integrated in his top-down, bottoms-up approach, can improve the results of nearly any trading methodology.

Use it to..

  • Discern better trade location
  • Develop context devised from market logic
  • Enhance almost any trading approach, in any trading timeframe through the use of profile structure and seasoned analysis of the two-way auction process.
  • Evaluate references no matter how generated


No two markets are the same! An Intensive in 2017 is far different than intensives we’ve held in prior years. For example, 2016 started out as one of the worst in stock market history. Then came Brexit in the summer, followed by more change with the US presidency at the end of the year.

We’ll guide you through it with your trading, so you can identify when and how to…

  • What has been working is likely to change as we transition from these unprecedented events. Learn how to be nimble!
  • We’ll teach you how to resist the urge to simply react, and instead make deliberate choices. Historic events suggest change, but often sea change has a delayed reaction. Understand how it can effect volatility.
  • We’ll show you how to get excited about a market with many trading possibilities and be proactive, not reactive!


Shadow Trading news and web cast founder Peter Reznicek will join Jim Dalton and the Market Profile Mastery Series every week for BOTH sessions to share insights, trade scenarios and powerful Market Profile observations. Join in for…

  • Robust discussions
  • Q&A sessions
  • In-depth exchange of fresh, market perspectives and ideas

While all of our courses are extremely valuable, Jim feels strongly that your chances of lasting success are greatly improved by the time you are mentored. No two days in the market are similar. The more situations you are exposed to, the better equipped you will be make the necessary trading adjustments on volatile days. And we certainly expect increased volatility during the sessions.

Hearing and seeing similar things in different ways create the layers of learning that increase your market logic and lasting trading success!

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Market Profile Mastery Series, Course 2: July 10 through August 11 Sign up now! 

*Course 2 Preparation Session is underway and will continue until the Course 2 start on July 10.  This Preparation Session will provide you two daily reports and Jim's intraday chat at the training site to help you prepare for Course 2. 

Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident of the impact that this full-throttle, exhaustive trading education model will have on your market logic and trading, that if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money in full—100%— within the first seven days after purchase!

You can find answers for some commonly asked questions on our FAQ page.


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